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Wed, 08 Aug




Jussi Lehtonen, rummut Joonatan Rautio, saksofonit Holger Marjamaa, piano Heikko Remmel, basso


Paikka & aika

08 Aug 2018, 19:00

Helsinki, Hämeentie 3, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

Tietoa tapahtumasta

Rumpali/säveltäjä Jussi Lehtonen palaa Koko Jazz Clubin lavalle uudella ohjelmistolla sekä uudella kokoonpanolla!

Kiinnostus Lehtosen näkemyksellistä soittoa kohtaan on kasvanut  jatkuvasti varsinkin kansainvälisillä markkinoilla. Koko Records saa kunnian äänittää miehen uutta kokoopanoa ja uusia sävellyksiä konsertissa keskiviikkona 8.8.2018!

Lehtosen kera rytmisektion muodostavat virolaiset nuoret leijonat, Holger Marjamaa (piano) ja Heikko Remmel (basso). Nämä super-lahjakkaat muusikot sulautuvat saumattomasti yhteen Lehtosen svengaavan soiton kanssa. Saksofonia soittaa liiderin luottomies jo vuosien ja lukuisten eri projektien takaa, virtuoottinen Joonatan Rautio.

Jussi Lehtonen kertoo projektistaan:

Jussi Lehtonen Quartet Live at Koko Jazz Club Dedication

About the music: When you put together a new project, usually the idea is to write something to fit specifically for the musicians of your choice. There also may not be enough time to do that, which is when you might want to go through your old stuff gathering dust in the drawer. With this group, both are true. I had already started to write new tunes for this line-up, when I realised that there was a big pile of tunes and sketches from a recent residence period in Paris. I quickly realized that these musicians can make the older tunes sound so good that there is really no need to write all new songs! Holger Marjamaa’s unique way of combining be-bop and gospel sounds and vocabularies really bring out the harmony of the tunes in a beautiful way. Adding Heikko Remmel’s strong bass to the rhythm section makes up a trio that I really enjoy being a part of! A word of caution, the enthusiasm and swing of Remmel and Marjamaa is really highly contagious…! Joonatan Rautio has a way of playing which I have always admired immensely. His insight regarding harmony, melody and rhythm is truly inspiring every time we play!

I feel strongly about paying respect to the masters who created this music, so that we can continue to create. All of the tunes on this recording are dedicated to people who inspire me to play and compose.

Day 1:

This little 5 bar vamp is the first thing that I put on paper in the residence in Paris. Dedicated to my wife, who made me go there.


A new tune, based on a piano riff around E minor. This is a medium up swing tune with a comfortable set of modal changes to blow over. This is the ” jazz tune” in all it’s different meanings, dedicated to my collegues with whom I get to play with and learn from every day.


Also a new tune, this one is dedicated to my beautiful children, who continue to amaze me every day! A delicate jazz waltz with a rather ”childish” tag…=)

Definitely inspired by Wayne Shorter’s compositions.

The Northern Light:

Originally called Day 2,5. The second day in Paris. Listening back to this, I can recognize John Scofield as the source of inspiration. It also holds some sort of ”Nordic” quality to me, perhaps because of the chords with the ascending bass line in the beginning.

Down the Line:

This new piece is inspired by John Coltrane’s legendary quartet with Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner and Jimmy Garrison.

Distant Notes:

Originally Day 5…

Day 7:

Happens to be in the meter of 7 also… The inspiration for this one is the ”new sound” that I discovered in the early 2000’s, coming out of New York. A challenging set of changes and a lot of different rhythmic aspects, hopefully played in a manner of ease and flow.

The Last Day:

This was day 16 in Paris. Inspired by Weather Report and Herbie Hancock’s 70’s Head Hunters.


The obvious influence… These changes still continue to challenge the improvising musician to find their way through with elegance and swing.

Tervetuloa todistamaan jazzin historian kirjoitusta paikan päälle.

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